Saturday, March 15, 2014

Just a lady

This long skirts...i just love them.They make you look like a chic queen.
Cute and sexy in the same time..
I love nature colors because they match beautiful with my skin color.
In this outfit i wear my  long beige tule skirt, a black top, a leather jacket, my Prada ballerinas and my black envelope.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Something more casual..

 Casual clothes make you feel comfy and they give you a more sport tone.

 In this outfit i prefer my leather shorts, a printed t-shirt , high socks , a colorful shirt to put a happy touch to my outfit and my booties
You can wear tour shirt in many ways..
And of course as accessories a small Louis Vuitton bag

Sunny day

Feel the spring, wear something that match with this awesome weather and go outside. I adore this weather because i don't have to wear many heavy clothes.
 In this outfit i wear a high waist skirt with a black top, my pumps and for course my leather jacket because summer hasn't come yet.
 To make your outfit special you have to select the right accessories.
You're ready.. go out and have fun 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dress lover

 Generally i adore dresses because they're so cute and sexy and adorable.This one is my fav but is a more winter clothe so i have to prefer others from now and after.
This is an old time classic black dress
This one is more casual and it's so awesomely adorable..
A beige one..
And don't forget to put color in your life

Leather green

It's spring but never mind i love leather clothes, so in this outfit i prefer a green leather dress . Additionally i wear a simple black jacket and my black pumps. I don't like to put many colors in an outfit and i believe that we have to a main color in our outfit.
 Enjoy the life and our clothes.. Love yourself because if don't do it nobody will

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New clothes

Shopping is the best therapy, yes it is because it makes you feel happy when you have your blue. Days that passed were not my best, so i decide to go shopping.That's my new clothes..
 Α heart-printed skirt, just adorable i fall in love with her 

  Light blue summer shorts
Jean shorts because i really need them in hot summer days

And finally a blue shirt, it's so cute

Total black

A total black outfit is always a good idea, is always in fashion and it makes you look chic and beautiful.
Maybe black is a bit mood color but is a standard option when you don't have enough imagination to make new combination.
Additionally,black dress is my fav option for a night outfit.