Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to feel beautiful

Sometimes we're feeling blue, ugly or disappointed, how can we correct it and acquire a better mood?The secret is in our brain, we should  have confidence and understand that if we don't love ourself nobody will do it, so let's get started...

1)First of all be an observer not a judge, love yourself with his defects and try to correct it gradually 

2)Find things to admire in you because when your eyes take in something that pleases you, your brain's reward system is activated, lifting your whole mood

3)Smile as much as you can because smiling people attracts the other 

4)Show kindness a kind person is exquisite in their beauty. It shines from them like a beacon of hope and peace

5)Wear colorful clothes which match with you skin tone and additionally Try blue: "It's universally considered a 'happy' color, and there's a shade that looks good on everyone," says fashion stylist Joe Lupo

6) Listen music that you like and make you feel better and why not to turn up the music and dance as crazy as you want 

7)Love everyone and they will love you too because if you hate someone you don't gain nothing

8)Have beautiful thoughts, think positive and everything gonna be alright

9) Try new things, be dashing and don't afraid the unknown 

10) inspire others, give them a great example of a person full of energy and vitality

11)Eat healthier and you'll look healthier cause we are what we eat

12)And finally sleep a lot workout a lot and make things you love to do ❤

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