Saturday, February 1, 2014

January faves

January is finally over, a new month has begun but what has the last left?
If you have good friends who support you all the time, really there's nothing better. Additionally we have to adapt the things that we use and the clothes that we wear to our needs..So what we have adored this month, leeeet's get started!

This month we adore especially floral clothes 

You can combine your look with some accessories to give more style to your outfit

 Every women have to wear a nice perfume that match with the season and with her personality, our fav for that month is the l'eau du narciso rodriguez 
The cold months always need a nice lip butter 

And of corse a perfect lip gloss which make you sparkle more 
It smells delicious

Fav shoes was of corse my classic heels  

Fav ''food'' was this delicious milka heart chocolates,  so yummy 

And finally our fav song it's the ''it's time'' -imagine dragons

Favorite app for that month is  the ''Dumb ways to die''

That's all about january,hope you'll enjoy ❤

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